Friday, April 12, 2013

Viral List of Websites that gives out Absolutely Free Bitcoins (updated 2013-05-09)

Start Using Bitcoins:

You will need a wallet to receive coins and you can get one for free.
  • Wallet - Its a Hybrid Wallet with many functions, and one of the best imo.
  • Bitcoin-Qt - Is a bitcoin wallet client, which was originaly started by Satoshi Nakamoto and is open source.
  • - This is an online Bitcoin wallet. It builds a unique url for access.
There are also more clients with many other features ~> Click here

There are a number of sites that exist that enable you to earn bitcoins for free or by completing basic tasks. The amount of bitcoins you can earn is usually very low, so these sites are generally designed for newcomers to Bitcoin.

These sites are extremely important to the Bitcoin community as it provides an easy way for newcomers to get their first bitcoins without the need to invest anything other than time.

List of sites to earn free Bitcoins

Recently added:

Been here for a while:

  • Bitvisitor - get paid to watch websites for 5 minutes.
  • Netlookup - ad-supported. Providing free bitcoins every 24 hours.
  • BitcoinAddict - free bitcoins every 24 hours. Chance to win jackpot.
  • Bitcoin faucet - One time payout per Google account.
  • BunnyRun - select a bunny & get paid on the basis of its position in a race.
  • Bitcrate – ad-supported. Break crates to get bitcoins. Different crates have different amounts.
  • DailyFreeBitcoins - free bitcoins every hour, ad-supported.
  • Coinad - free bitcoins every hour for account holders, every 24 hours for visitors.
  • Coinurl - url shortener, get paid by shortening links
  • Bitcoiner - ad-supported. Free bitcoins every 24 hours.
  • Bitcoin Captcha - free bitcoins from a pre-selected pool.
  • Earn Free Bitcoins – get paid to watch websites (allows NSFW/Adult Content)
  • - free daily bitcoins
  • Coinreaper - free bitcoins, BITCOIN Reaper, Free Bitcoins for you here
  • BitStart .biz – scroll down to the bottom or buy an ad for profit.
  • BTC 4 Free .com - fill out surveys to earn bitcoin.
  • Free digital money .com – try apps, surveys, ads, trials etc. (advertised rewards are not who bitcoins but micro-bitcoins)
  • Coinworker .com - do tasks to earn bitcoins.

Network marketing / Multi-level marketing sites

Betting & Casino and other interesting sites:

Original Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin Intro (.pdf file )

Spending Bitcoins:

There are lots of merchants accepting bitcoins, and everyday this list grows, from virtual bussiness to retail bussiness.

  • SatoshiDice - SatoshiDice is the world's most popular Bitcoin betting game. Win up to 64,000x your bet, instantly. All rolls are verifiable using the blockchain.
  • Bitmit - buy and sell goods with bitcoin
  • BitcoinStore - Over 500k electronic products for sale (Amazon competitor)

 Extensive list of merchants accepting bitcoins -> Click here

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