Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bitcoin isn’t just for men

What’s the deal with women and Bitcoin?

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Pua Pyland aka “The Bitcoin Wife”
Anyone who’s spent more than 12 seconds browsing the discussions on the Bitcoin Forum, reddit’s Bitcoin subreddit or any other Bitcoin-related site could be forgiven for thinking the digital currency is inherently a guy thing.

There are Vinnies, Rons, Dans and Alexes galore, with avatars of dudes, battleships and fireballs. (Similarly, the “real-world” crowd at this past weekend’s Bitcoin 2013 was also heavy on the testosterone.)

The XY- to XX-chromosome imbalance of the Bitcoin world is so baked in that newbies are actually warned to have their scam antennae on the lookout for “any user blatantly claiming to be female.”

Why is that? On the one hand, it seems to make sense in that Bitcoin is a creation of the coder/hacker/tech community, which skews extremely male. On the other hand, bitcoins are just money … and no one designates GDP as boy- or girl-only. (Although some enterprises in the “real-world” fiat economy seem to think in those terms by coming out with ludicrous offerings like pens for women.) - Read more here:

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