Friday, May 3, 2013

Living On Bitcoin For A Week: The Bitcoin Diet - Day 3

Living On Bitcoin For A Week The Bitcoin Diet - Day 3 - New Bitcoin World, Bitcoin News, ASIC Mining, Free Bitcoins, BTC, LTC, GPU Mining for free
Day 3: The value of Bitcoin has been dropping steadily since I started living on it.

I wake up on Thursday morning and eat the leftover cinnamon breadsticks from my order the night before. I still haven’t found a coffee place that accepts Bitcoin, so I’m hoping that that my delivery (.068 BTC) arrives soon. My colleague (kiddingly?) suggests I seek out other stimulants on Silk Road since they seem to be easier to procure with Bitcoin than is a latte.

I open my computer to disturbing news. The price of Bitcoin dropped overnight. It had been at about $115 USD when I went to sleep but it is now worth $103 USD. The value of my current 1.445 BTC is now just $145, and I still have to live on it for four days. Luckily, tips from random Bitcoiners are flowing in at a good pace. The Bitcoin community is an enthusiastic one and it’s clear from the tips – both of the virtual currency variety and advice for how I can survive – that they don’t want this experiment to fail.

I ride my bike to work. Mother Nature must be a Bitcoin enthusiast as well. The weather has been glorious this week, making it easy to walk and bike everywhere, my only BTC-paid options for transportation at this point. - Read more here:

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