Friday, August 9, 2013

BtcTrip has a new business account and plans to launch three new services

BtcTrip has a new business account and plans to launch three new services.jpg
August 6, 2013 by Maria Santos. BtcTrip, the online platform that allows you to buy plane tickets with your Bitcoins, is preparing to launch three new services. Bitcoin Examiner talked with the CEO Martin Fernandez and he told us that the startup “is moving to the next level” by developing the programs “Rent a Car & Hotel”, “BtcTrip Miles and Points” and ”BtcTrip Surfing”.

While the first service is pretty self-explanatory, allowing users to rent cars and book hotels with Bitcoins, “BtcTrip Miles and Points” will offer discounts and free air tickets to regular clients. Finally, the program “BtcTrip Surfing” will be aimed to the community that usually travels to attend international events like ecological meeting, social forums, alternative entertainment, raves, spiritual journeys, world cups, hack and tech conferences and also… Bitcoin evens, of course.

As stated by the company’s CEO, “the future of BtcTrip lies in offering experiences and building the community of Bitcoiners who travel. We are working on a global events schedule where Bitcoiners can travel, get together and pay using Bitcoin. We want to be more than a website to book your flight, hotel and a car”. - Read more here:


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