Friday, August 9, 2013

ASICMiner USB Bitcoin Miner Price Drops 80% to 0.175 BTC

ASICMiner USB Bitcoin Miner Price Drops 80% to 0.175 BTC.png
Aug 2, 2013 Posted By Phillip Archer. On May 4th, Friedcat, CEO of ASICMiner, announced the worlds first ASIC USB bitcoin miner: operating at 300 MH/s for 1.99 BTC. As he refined the hardware, he was able to increase performance to 336 MH/s before shipping in early June. The price was then lowered to 0.89 BTC on June 25th for bulk orders over 1,000 units. An organizer of previous bulk orders has announced an 8 day window to place orders for 0.175 BTC each. This order is only open to previous customersand will entail 0.1 BTC going towards the USB miners while 0.075 BTC is paid towards management and shipping fees. There is some risk involved in this order since it will not be using an escrow service, unlike previous arrangements. Since the announcement yesterday 500 units of the 1,000 unit minimum have already been ordered so it seems likely that the 1,000 unit minimum will quickly be filled. - Read more here:

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