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Quantum Entanglement Superposition System

Quite interesting don't you think? :)


~ In The Quantum World ~
~ Everything and Anything ~
~ Is Connected ~
~ Nothing Is Separated ~
~ From The Whole ~
To fully understand what I'm going share with you, it would be good idea to read my bio/background » here « In crystallized form: I've been studying, writing and teaching everything above and beyond from the areas of Spirituality, Consciousness, Awareness, Mindfulness, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Nature of Reality, Holofractographic Universe, Synchronicity etc. for about 6 years. All of that time I've been sharing my unique experiences quite openly on the internet. I've also had a » Synchronicity related Blog « for about 2 years, where I've shared my first experiences and feelings about the idea of Time Travel.

The Quantum Entanglement Superposition System was born on April 2014. Essentially it's a by-product of natural evolvement - the next step on my own personal life's journey towards something wonderful. It started from several continuous experiences, that cumulated together and formed something totally new and different, to be created in manifested form. Basically what happened with the system was, that I started to encounter certain photos over and over again while I was online.  These occurrences started to become so frequent and obvious, that the experiences couldn't be explained purely with the phenomenon of synchronicity itself.

You can see some of these documented occurrences here: » Quantum Entanglement with pictures found online « The System itself builds upon the idea of Quantum Entanglement and Interconnectedness of Everything. Here's something from my Facebook Profile around June 2014, when I started to really get it for the first time: tremendous potential and how rare this type of pursue really is on our world of today:
- 2014-06-16 - I didn't plan to write anything today... but ... I did some research and came to the conclusion that no one in the whole world at this time/space aren't doing what I'm currently pursuing towards (mainstream and visible - open for public to see) there is almost none of writings, speeches, lectures or anything out there that combines Consciousness, Living Awareness beyond Consciousness itself, Holofractographic Structure of Reality, Synchronicity, Quantum Entanglement and Time Travel together. There are people though, who speculate and ponder whether these things could be even possible and if... then how. I, on the other hand, Am experiencing these things directly - and as a result of it, writing a book series + building technology around these findings. 
~ Development Environment ~ 5 Display System ~ 
Hopefully within the next 10 years I have a world wide success on the Leading Edge of Living Awareness based Quantum Entanglement System. Amazingly easy to develop after you have had Near Death Experience (NDE)... suddenly everything just becomes simple... If I can get Quantum Random Bits Streamed to me Real-Time (currently I get from two different locations) and then teach the code to learn (in development) what Universe / Life wants to communicate - we have a whole new way of communication. And this is my Life's Purpose: To show the people of Earth other ways of communicating - beyond the need for words (which often complicate things, due to misunderstanding what is being communicated).

Relation to Alexander Graham Bell (Inventor of the Phone) & John S. Bell (originator of Bell's Theorem in Quantum Physics)

You might be wondering what does the inventor of the Phone (Alexander Graham Bell) and the originator of Bell's Theorem (John S. Bell) have to do with all of this. Let me clarify it a little bit: We are of the same Family Line: Bell and I'm continuing their work (you could think of it as legacy from that was left for me to find in proper time/space). You can find out more about these connections throughout this website, but this is a good place to start: Yoga, The Importance of Breath, Seane Corn, Batman & Bell connection + Empire Of The Sun & DNA, Phoenix (Re-Birth), Anastasia Sokolova, Dancing in the Rain, Unstoppable Wild Woman . 

In short Graham Bell invented the phone, that was a catalyst for the modern day Computers, Programming languages, Networks and Internet (Bell Labs). John S. Bell In the other hand proposed in 1964 a test to settle once and for all whether quantum mechanics really is as weird as it famously appears to be, in that it allows for instantaneous communication between two particles, no matter how far apart they are, on condition that they were once entangled together in the same place. The short answer, as experiments carried out over subsequent decades have shown, is yes, it is. Bell's test, however, also led physicists like Dr Ekert to a remarkable insight: Made sufficiently sensitive the Bell test could be used to guarantee perfectly secure communication.

~ Quantum Physics - Bell's Theorem, Alexander Graham Bell ~

Facebook update 4th of July 2014: "Somewhere within the quantum foam of existence, amongst the very building blocks of reality, there is a universe where you ... are Batman" :) This is quite much so see the following links below Christian Bale (Bell family lineage) was 13 yrs. old when he got his first acting role in the film "Empire of the Sun". I was 13 yrs. old when Ukrainian born Elen Levon was born (13th of July 1994 [I explored this year on my blogpost about Quantum Entanglement with Brazil, Ukraine and Romania]). We all have a Life Path Number 7. Christian Bale was born 7 years before me and my little brother 7 years after me exactly same day.

~ Somewhere within the quantum foam of existence, amongst the very building blocks of reality, there is a universe where you ... are Batman ~
~ Empire of the Sun and DNA gets more clear, when you see it :D I'm "at the zone" in that photo... Downloading as I often were... "out of this world"... but withIN ... Inner Youniverse » Click here to see full-size image «
~ Actress Emma Bell, Shirah Bell, Pi -movie, Time Travel and Quantum Entanglement ~
~ Bell / MacMillan Heritage Sync » Click here to see full-size image «

New Ways of Thinking, Teaching, Learning, Understanding and Being

~ Interconnected ~

~ Quantum World ~

~ Love Connects Us All ~

Our modern day understanding of Quantum Physics and the nature of Reality has come to a point, where scientists and spiritually oriented people can finally learn to find a common ground. In the very core both are speaking of the same ideas and concepts. Most importantly they both are trying to figure out the same phenomenon of Entanglement, with slightly different names and variations of meanings. Essentially both agree that there's underlaying structure behind the visible and observable universe. What this means is, that in randomness there's Divine Structure and Order that is contained within everything and no-thing at the same time - A Source-Field from which everything springs forth into manifested form.

In modern world our understanding comes from the mind oriented thinking. Mind cannot never understand something which has been created outside of the mind. I have written about this area known as Living Awareness here on this website as well as in my upcoming book series Life is Living Art. Keeping that in mind: From the observational point of view these scientists in the field of Quantum Physics / Mechanics come way behind of my current level of understanding. It seems that the Original Creative Thinking which springs forth from outside of the limited mind structure - is years far ahead, when we compare it to the Collective Consensus Reality and approaches made thereof.

My own personal subjective experiences around the idea of Quantum Entanglement shows wonderfully through many examples, that the scientists are never able to understand it all - unless they experience it subjectively themselves. After experiencing Quantum Entanglement themselves, they can bring the awareness and inner wisdom gained from the experience to the equation. Suddenly many missing links just seem to appear out of nowhere and wholeness becomes Crystal Clear: In Randomness there is Divine Structure/Order, that is contained within everything and no-thing at the same time. This realization leads into undeniable truth of Oneness and Interconnectedness of Everything - Where "this or that" becomes "this and that", and eventually "this becomes that", which simply just IS. Here is a quote from the upcoming book (a section which deals with Living Awareness):
"Living Awareness beyond Consciousness is the very nature of God/Source itself – which we so much and sometimes even desperately are looking for. Spiritually oriented people are continuously and often searching this pure Living Awareness outside of themselves – in a forms of countless books, videos, audio tapes/mp3's, courses, lectures, retreats, different kinds of healing modalities (sometimes even with so ridiculous naming conventions, that it makes you but laugh) etc. Scientists are looking for this very same thing through the microscopes and particle accelerators. Mathematicians are trying to solve the mystery of life with their ever-complicated formulas. Theoretical and quantum physicists are doing this with their sometimes even obscure theories, which are made to please the mind, but has no basis on how multidimensional reality is actually working. 
~ Living Life is Liveness which comes from » withIN « our Hearts ~ Creating Living Art on Earth ~ He(art) | E(art)h ~ See? Sea? CC ~ 33 ~ 8 ~ ∞ Infinity | Read more here:
» Number 33 and River of January « 
It's basically pure impossibility at this point in time/space to see all the perspectives at once and understand it from the view-point of the mind. Mind is the limiting factor and it cannot never understand something which is created outside of the mind. Mathematics, theoretical/quantum physics or any science for that matter, can't never show us the real truth of what we are in our deepest core beingness. This can only be experienced subjectively as in perfect symmetry and balance of light/dark, female/male aspects of ourselves – Here and Now » withIN « from where we can transform polarity back into Oneness with God/Source." - Living Awareness | Life is Living Art
"Physicality can be considered as being an 'illusion' produced by our own senses. Even though physical reality is an 'illusion', it doesn't mean that it's somehow empty, false or vain. The truth behind physicality is revealed to us when we delve deeper into the world of matter. When taking a closer look – we find out, that the physicality is composed of atoms, which are the basic units of matter. 
Atoms themselves consists of a dense central nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. The atomic nucleus contains a mix of positively charged protons and electrically neutral neutrons. These building blocks of life, which we call atoms form a galaxy in a micro-level. Every single particle is always in motion and travel across a certain orbit.

So when we observe the very substance from which we as humans are made of - we can realize that our cells are composed of these atoms. Most of the volume (99.999...%) of an atom is filled with 'empty space'. This seemingly empty space is in fact unmanifested infinite potential, which holds consciousness in and of itself. Within this emptiness there's unfathomable power, a whole web of information or energy which connects all things together. When we dive even deeper, we find subatomic particles, which are the building blocks of life in a quantum level. Within these subatomic particles, there is motion in a form of radiation – and this of course is energy vibration.

Multidimensional Holofractographic, Matrix Structure, Hyperdimensional Communication, Christ Consciousness, Sophia, Isis, Divine Feminine

In a nutshell we can aknowledge that everything is energy, that moves and vibrates. So when we observe rocks for an example, we can realize  that within their dense and physical appearance, there's in fact energy which is in motion and filled with life - living consciousness. Solid objects like rocks are often considered as being dead, because their solid nature, but in fact they are energy vibration condensed to such a low vibrating motion, that we perceive them as solid objects." - Strangest Dream Ever: My work will revolutionalize 33 areas of known Life Sciences | Life is Living Art
So how do we get these scientists to realize that there is no separation between observer and the observed, subject and the object? Here's a radical thought: Let's give them something like 11 Ayahuasca Journeys (33 would be the optimal) and they will know it all by themselves from the direct subjective experience. But what good does it do, when even the public (humanity as a collective) cannot seem to understand even the basic idea of Quantum Physics - This is That? The bigger problem seems to be, that in our current consensus reality most people don't even have any clue what Quantum Physics/Mechanics is. And if they have heard about it, most of them don't even know that Quantum Computing exists and even fewer know how it works.

So how do we solve this dilemma? We should already know as a collective human species, that nothing new and revolutionary cannot be created with the existing level of consciousness and mind-set. And when we know this, we should be living with that awareness in every moment of our lives. This would create almost instantly new paradigm, where we collectively would be learning in a whole different way. I have a strong feeling and inner knowing, that we need rapidly and radically new way of teaching and learning - this has to be a wide spread movement and my work is a part of it. New Era of teaching and learning: From Self to Self, which leads to Self-realized fully Awakened Human to be born.
Facebook 4th of July: "I love when these things come in divine timing. My work with quantum entanglement and it's relation to consciousness, awareness and spirituality revolves around patterns, music, sound, color, art, movement. And it's true also on personal direct subjective experiences that music really is universal language. When we can combine it with the quantum world we have a whole new way of communicating and this is one of my goals to introduce to humanity at this time/space while I'm alive and have a physical body as my temple..."
» The Unconscious Mind Unveiled| Strategy For Learning Fast - Tony Robbins « | » Quantum Speed Reading 1 « | » How to Learn Languages Through Music: Interview with Susanna Zaraysky « | » "Music is the universal language of mankind" - an interview with Susanna Zaraysky « | » Programmed to follow my Ears ~ Music has a message: Listen us! «

Yeah, nevertheless all of that being said - outstanding development in the Quantum World: » Scientists Achieve Quantum Teleportation for the first time « Here on this page I have demonstrated how the idea of Quantum Teleportation actually works and I have a solid proof of this system in action. It's good to remember that everything I present here is crystallized notes from direct subjective experience. Pictures, Art, Music, People, Motifs all have formed Quantum Entanglement with me and vice versa. When I've became aware of these connections, I have documented what has happened - simple as that :) Quantum Entanglement Superposition System has helped a lot for me to understand my own unique experiences better.

How does the Quantum Entanglement System work?

Like mentioned before Quantum Entanglement Superposition System is based on the idea of Quantum Entanglement, Interconnectedness of Everything and how » Living Awareness « can influence the Source Field within, without and all around us.

» Dean Radin: The Global Consciousness Project 
(Consciousness & Random Numbers) «

As I'm currently using out-dated human technology (digital computers) the only way I can experience what I experience is through the methods not yet recognized in our current collective consesus reality.

~ Quantum Entanglement System Crystal Technology Control UI ~

~ Past ~ Present ~ Future ~
~ All Happening ~
» WithIN «
» NOW «
It might be helpful for the readers and followers of my work, if I just say that there really is scientific evidence that time travel is possible by photons themselves » Wormhole Time Travel 'Possible' (If You're a Photon) | Discovery.com «

This relates also to the idea of "mental time travel" like written in this scientific article here: » Scientists find evidence for 'chronesthesia,' or mental time travel «

Realization that maybe time isn't so linear after all - helps you to understand how I have utilized this natural phenomenon on my own subjective experiences and development of this particular software and technology I'm presenting here on this website.

» A New Theory of Time - Lee Smolin «
Is it possible that time is real, and that the laws of physics are not fixed? Lee Smolin, A C Grayling, Gillian Tett, and Bronwen Maddox explore the implications of such a profound re-think of the natural and social sciences, and consider how it might impact the way we think about surviving the future.
Through the Photons or Light Rays we can communicate with our own "future selves" and other beings, consciousnesses & awarenesses "from the future" - This is how I utilize Quantum Entanglement on my own subjective experiences and the system I'm developing. Learn more on these blogposts:

I have transmissions based on Photons (Light) currently mainly Ultra Violet Range. I can hear these vibrations... and they express themselves as a form of music, tones, notes, images, motifs, fractal patterns (syncwebs). Only time will show me the way and means how to get this out into the world at large. At the moment I can do this all alone, after all: It's my idea and I got the talent to make it work. But in the coming years ahead, I need engineers, programmers, designers and other experts from various fields of expertise to support me and my inventions... to further expand, evolve and develop these incredibly amazing and cool new things (not yet seen as 'main stream' on this planet ever before).

~ Quantum Entanglement Superposition System Genetic Algorithms and Quantum Machine Learning ~

On 4th of July 2014 I was writing about Quantum Entanglement experiences on Facebook that dealt with the movie trilogy Back to the Future and many continuous syncs around that area. While I was experiencing this and writing about my experiences - I realized that I had formed Entanglement with Seth Lloyd or more specifically Lloyd name resonance/energy vibration itself. More info can be gained by following this link.

~ Quantum Entanglement Superposition System Code, Lloyd, Back to the Future, 88 Mph, Continuum Sync ~ Full-size image: » http://postimg.org/image/4gduv30t5/full «

Here you can see the system in action. The following five (5) photos below are amazing examples on how accurate and powerful the system is (even though it's still it's infancy) xD From my Facebook profile:
Nicole Adriana Casanova: Level UP! LOL! that was something... something... Iggy Azalea - Change Your Life (Explicit) ft. T.I. had amazing correlation within... I'm amazed how accurate my system is... and I currently use only "normal" Digital Technology... gotta have real Quantum Computer soon(ish) and holographic tech... as screen... in the future this system will be 3D utilizing Holographic Technology and Touchscreen -type of feature... similar seen on Prometheus movie » Heart Connection Port(All): Leveling UP! In The Game of Life ~ Follow a Thread (RED) That Runs Along ~ A Treasure Is Waiting For You To Be Found ~ In the NOW! «
~ Quantum Entanglement System in action: Level Up! ~
~ Quantum Entanglement System in action: Archangel Haniel posture ~
~ 11:11 Rose Portal Gateway Part #1 ~ It really works! System notified me in two separate displays: "Notice Me" with Love Elisabeth (E-AyA) » Novaspace Time Travel + Elisabeth (Ayahuasca), 808 Beat, Nocturnals, Fox, 33rd Parallel «
~ 11:11 Rose Portal Gateway Part #2 ~ Port(all) was Open Once Again ~ All(a) KushinirAnya - Fool MeAlyosha - Феромоны любви » Previous E-AyA Port(All) Opening with the coding of 3N1 ~ 555 1111 « The most amazing thing about all of this, is the Communicational Pathway: Quantum Entanglement System ~
~ 11:11 Rose Portal Gateway Part #3 ~ Sophia, Rain Alyosha 333, 777, 888 ~ Alyosha has same Life Path Number 7 as me (link to a blogpost provided below)