Sunday, April 28, 2013

Extraordinarily Cool! Butterfly Bitcoin ASIC Teardown (video)

The day is here! Nathan from Syn Shop, Las Vegas' local hackerspace, helps me disassemble BFL's fancy new ASIC miner. I see a bunch of chips and capacitors, he sees a lot more. Of course the one downside to filming in an active hackerspace is it can be a bit noisy, so please forgive the audio. As promised in the video I did get ahold of the BFL folks and they confirmed that the ASICs in this unit are running at 170 MHz. 
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Well this took a lot longer than I expected. I’m certainly no stranger to a screwdriver but it’s been about a decade since I’ve wielded a soldering iron. I wanted to take the BFL ASIC apart on camera for you guys but I also wanted the commentary to be meaningful and while I’m not a complete hardware noob, I’m hardly the right guy for this particular job.

Thankfully, Las Vegas has a local hackerspace called Syn Shop and they were kind enough to lend me some space, tools and a guy named Nathan who knew a lot more at a glance than I would have found after an hour of googling part numbers. The only downside is that an active hackerspace might not be the best environment for filming, they tend to be a bit noisy… But now I’m rambling, and you want to see the teardown, video and the best pictures my cheap cellphone camera could take, so without further ado... Check out more of these cool pictures here:

Special thanks to Syn Shop for lending me space, tools and a brain:

How Cool is this? Butterfly Bitcoin ASIC Teardown (video)

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