Thursday, April 4, 2013

Butterfly Labs increases prices and decreases hash rates on the ASIC bitcoin mining devices

After the bad news last week that Butterfly Labs missed their power estimates for the new range of BitForce SC ASIC bitcoin miners and the underperforming glance Luke-Jr showed us of an actual device hashing Butterfly Labs has shocked the bitcoin mining industry by altering their entire product line.

The BitForce Jalapeno that was to do 4.5 GH/s and cost $149.00 will be replaced with a 5 GH/S Bitcoin Miner for $274.00.

The BitForce Little Single 30 GH/s Miner for $649.00 will now be a 25 GH/S Bitcoin Miner costing $1,249.00.

Finally The BitForce Single 60 GH/s for $1,299.00 is replaced with 50 GH/S Bitcoin Miner for $2,499.00.

Unfortunately the BitForce Mini Rig for 1,500 costing $29,899.00 is now marked as out of stock and has no replacement at present.

I have not been able to find out what will happen to people with ‘pre-orders’ as of yet (some going back a full eight months) but when I find out, I will update this article. -

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