Thursday, May 2, 2013

WOW! Someone In The Trump SoHo Is Selling His Condo, And He'll Only Accept Bitcoin

Someone In The Trump SoHo Is Selling His Condo, And He'll Only Accept Bitcoin - New Bitcoin World, Latest Bitcoin News, Bitcoin News, ASIC Bitcoin Miner, Litecoin Mining
Here's more evidence Bitcoin isn't going anywhere. We've found a guy who claims to be putting his Trump Soho condo up for sale.

And he will only take payment in Bitcoin.

Later today, he will advertise the property exclusively on BitPremier, the first-ever online Bitcoin exchange exclusively for luxury goods. The site launches today.

Here's the condo owner's exact note to us, via BitPremier founder Alan Silbert: I prefer to own Bitcoin to property that's why I would be happy to sell it in bitcoin. I think property is a better asset class than USD, and bitcoin a better asset class than property.

We recently spoke by phone with Silbert, who also serves as a VP for GE Capital, about the goals for BitPremier.

He said purchasing options for people who own lots of Bitcoin have thus far been limited.

"There are plenty of Bitcoin millionaires out there, and it's burning a hole in their pocket," he said. "I think buyers will be easy to come by."

Along with the choice condo, the site will also launch with a Bahamas villa, a Leroy Neiman artwork, and a high-end watch. A Ferrari and Mercedes are also imminent, Silber said.

"We're finding a lot of wealthy, smart people are getting into the game with Bitcoin," he explained. "I think as the ecosystem matures, I think you're going to see a lot more of that."

Bitcoin was trading near $110 on Mt. Gox today. -

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