Saturday, May 4, 2013

Living On Bitcoin For A Week: Birthday Bittycoins - Day 5

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On Saturday morning, I get to start the day with breakfast and coffee for the first time this week, thanks to the bottle of “Stumptown cold brew” and “organic Superfood oat-based cereal” that I bought the day before at an artisanal grocery store that now accepts Bitcoin. Even though my boyfriend says my oat-based cereal “looks like puke” after I add water to it per the directions, it is glorious to be able to have a morning meal. It’s also glorious that Bitcoin’s value is back on the rise; it went from a $96 USD valuation Friday night to $114.

At 11 a.m., I meet Jeff Anderson at a coffee place around the corner from my home (that I must vacate on Sunday due to my landlord not accepting Bitcoin as rent). Anderson, 30, started Blue Plate Wines in 2010 along with two friends. They are the first winemakers to accept BTC for their product. I bought mine online for .2375 BTC on Wednesday. Anderson had offered to hand deliver it and to give me a ride out to Mill Valley in his Toyota so that I can attend my brother-in-law’s birthday party, 15 hilly miles out of the city. I insist on paying him for the ride and we settle on a nominal fee of .125 BTC ($14.25 USD at the time); he may have regretted the low rate when the drive took nearly an hour and a half thanks to traffic. - Read more here: -

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