Thursday, May 2, 2013

Living On Bitcoin For A Week: Transportation Woes - Day 2

Living On Bitcoin For A Week: Transportation Woes - New Bitcoin World, Latest Bitcoin News, Bitcoin Mining, Litecoin, BTC, LTC, Free Bitcoins

Day 2: After one day of living only on Bitcoin, I’ve become very tired of having to walk everywhere. The San Francisco public transportation system won’t accept my digital tokens. I contacted Lyft, Sidecar and Uber to see if any of those tech savvy ride services would take my virtual coin, but to no avail. (Fred Ehrsam of Bitcoin exchange company Coinbase mentioned that he’s in talks with a ride-sharing or –giving company about accepting Bitcoin but wouldn’t say which one, and regardless, it wouldn’t help me much this week.) When I inquired about paying in Bitcoin at a bike rental place, the clerk responded, “Bit what?”
I asked Reddit’s Bitcoin subreddit for help finding transportation. One person offered to rent me his bike for .05 BTC for the week. As that was only $6 at the time, I wasn’t surprised when he said he was kidding and revealed that he lived in Georgia. Another Redditor named “WillworkforBTC” offered to fill up a Clipper Card – San Francisco’s smart card for public transportation – for me allowing me to get around by bus, ferry and subway, but that seemed like cheating. Another Redditor offered to chauffeur me personally, but then disappeared when I asked him how much he would charge. - Read more here:

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