Friday, May 10, 2013

Big Question: Is society ready for Bitcoin?

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Our society has been using digital money for years. Every time we pay online or with a mobile device, we are using a digital form of payment, though it is — ultimately — translated into dollars, euros, pounds or whatever currency we use to fund our bank accounts, PayPal accounts or credit cards.

The question is, Are we ready to take the next step in digital currency? That is, to use the digital medium itself as the measure and store of value, as well as the channel for exchange?
Some would answer with a resounding, “Yes.” The early adopters of bitcoin truly believe it is the wave of the future.

But for those who are present-oriented, the fact remains that you are still going to need some regular cash and credit cards to pay your way … as most businesses are not accepting bitcoin for payment yet. That could change over the next few years, of course, as forms of payment really do evolve over time.

Life before money

In the beginning, there was a world filled with various animate and inanimate objects, and people who found they could possess these things. Sometimes, people noticed they didn’t have in their possession something they wanted. Maybe Joe Stone-Age decided he would like to eat an egg … but realized he didn’t have any. If he didn’t care about maintaining peace and calm in his society, he could decide simply to take someone else’s egg. However, he could also propose to trade something he had in return for what he wanted. - Read more here:

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