Thursday, May 9, 2013

Your Bitcoins Are Finally Worth Something

Your Bitcoins Are Finally Worth Something - New Bitcoin World, Latest Bitcoin News, Free Bitcoins info, ASIC Bitcoin mining, GPU Litecoin mining, BTC, LTC
Bitcoins are nominally worth $113 as of this very moment. That means very little in the real world. As Forbes writer Kasmir Hill notes, it’s pretty difficult to go up to the McDonald’s cashier and offer an invisible cryptocurrency that resides entirely on the Internet in exchange for a Big Mac. She’s survived a week using nothing but Bitcoins and, although she’s still alive, her experience wasn’t friction-free.

That’s changing. While I find most announcements that so-and-so website is now accepting Bitcoins to be little more than PR stunts, the fact that Gyft, a gift card site, is now accepting BTC is important. In essence, it allows Bitcoin users to turn their value into store credit and, more importantly, this credit can be spent at places you actually want to spend it. - Read more here:

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