Saturday, May 11, 2013

Let’s Talk #Bitcoin Episode 006 - “Cyprus & Serendipity” / By Adam Levine / May 10, 2013.

Each episode takes about 10 hours to produce, please support the show if you like what we’re doing.

If you’d like to support Michael Hill’s Cypriot Bitcoin Project, you may donate to him here. Bitcoins for Cyprus 0.24000 Donations will be used to print informational material (posters, leaflets, ads) about Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Forum.

Adam B. Levine
Stephanie Murphy, PhD
Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Shownotes for Episode 5 – “Communication is Key”

  • The Forbes Meetup & Andreas
  • The Smallest ASIC Miners yet! Is it worth your time?
  • Michael Hill on Bitcoin and the Cypriot Calamity
  • Making History – Satoshi’s Square & The Cafe Meetups that became the Stock Exchange
  • Bad Actors on the Blockchain – Busting Myths & Rumors
  • The Distinguished Jeffrey Tucker  on the Serendipity of Bitcoin, and his journey from Skeptic to Enthusiast

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